Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poster for Show

This is the poster for my upcoming show of photographic essays and installations by Tbilisi State University students from the Humanities Faculty. I'm very excited to be curating a show and as far as I know it is the first time that visual anthropological methods have been used in a conscientious way in Georgia. This image is hot off the press so I welcome your comments. It is a slightly adapted version of a photograph by Nino Chkhutiashvili. These are female members of a Jewish dance group, one of many different ethnic performances during the city festival of Tbilisoba.

So, in case you might happen to be in Tbilisi on the 21st of January, the show is hosted by the Georgian National Museum at the illustrious "Karvasla" or Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum at 5:00. It is next to Sioni Church in the old district (8 Sioni Street), a great location near Chardin, where "cafe/bar life" is defined in Tbilisi. The exhibit will continue until February 1st.


  1. Very Cool. When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kutaisi I did an anthropology/photography program with the IDP youth in the NGO in which I worked. I taught anthropology classes and each week the youth went out and took pictures of their culture on the particular topic of the week. Then we had a exhibit, a photo auction, and published a 2009 calendar of top photos (chosen by participants). Check it out if you want. . Click on "Photo Exhibit"

    -Annie Calandruccio

  2. Wow, that's great. I see that they took some nice photos and I definitely see the "culture" in every one. Did you use any texts or shoot for any kind of outcome with this? Are you still in Georgia? If so, would love to talk more about your experience.


  3. Hi Hulya. I was actually in Georgia from June 2006 to August 2008. I am back in the US now, but would love to return to Georgia at some point. As for the photo exhibit...The original topic was "Georgian youth culture" and I had given the youth each disposible cameras. But when I developed the film it turned out that the film was old and had blue spots all over it. Also, I think the topic had been too constricting for them, as evidenced by the fact that many of the kids had taken the exact same photos. So I changed the topic to "Georgia through the eyes of its youth" and I lent them each my digital camera to take a whole new set of phtoos. That helped in the quality and the diversity of the photos they took:)